Monday, March 9, 2015

Milan Fashion Week: Roberto Cavalli's New "China Girl"

The famed Ming Vase dress was a 2005 masterpiece for Roberto Cavalli via
Victoria Beckham wore it beautifully on her way to becoming the fashion icon we consider her today via

If there was ever a piece of clothing that was the penultimate Chinoiserie experience, it was Roberto Cavalli's famed "Ming Vase" dress of 2005.  The dress was honored at this year's Met Gala, and it seems the attention to previous success brought up a new inspiration in Chinese culture and fashion with Cavalli's Fall 2015 fashion show from Milan.  The collection presents looks for today's woman in clothing re-imagined from traditional Chinese textiles and patterns -- silks in screened Ming Vase patterns and pointed "pagoda" buttons adorned many looks. Sure, I'm never going to own any of these, but a girl can dream right?

This dress! via
Roberto Cavalli F/W 2015 Runway featured silks screened with Chinoiserie patterns. Also I'm in love with the second dress.  I don't ever really find ruffled pirate collars to be my forte, but I'm all over these prints. via
Roberto Cavalli's instagram had more beautiful screen-printed silks, with a goldenrod yellow that I'm a big fan of. via

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  1. Beautiful! The print is so gorgeous. We need fancier lives so we have an excuse to wear dresses like these..