Thursday, January 21, 2016

Wood Tile

When we purchased our home back in May, we talked about all these things we wanted to do to the house to fix it up... down the road.  It is a lot harder to start a project than I have ever imagined but when your water heater leaks into the next room, it forces you to start thinking about it faster.  We are hopefully re-doing our half bath/laundry situation soon and I've been on Pinterest trying to get ideas.  One of the things we are wanting to do is changing the floor to wood tiles.

I've seen photos of bathrooms with wood tiles on Pinterest but I never realized just how pretty and practical they are. Not to mention, affordable!  I'm thinking wood tiles, new paint, new sink, new mirror, and some new cabinets over the laundry machines for storage.  What are your thoughts on wood tiles?


  1. Where could one find the black and white striped shower curtain show above?

    1. Karla Cement shower curtain from CB2 is pretty close..... the one in the picture you may to sew yourself or find a seamstress.

  2. Where is the bluish/grey vanity with the white top from? Is it possible to post the link? It's gorgeous!