Friday, March 6, 2015

Current Obsessions

[Anthropologie Dress Sale]

I guess one bad thing about your birthday month is that retailers send you so many coupons that are oh so tempting.  Anthropologie is having a sale on their dresses and I've had my eye on this one for a little while now.  Since they hardly ever have sale, I may have to take advantage of this one!

[Ginger Jar Rearranging]

I recently added another jar to my collection and did a little rearranging during the two crazy snow storms last week.  I spotted this jar at Home Goods (where else) and love the shape of it.  I'm so proud of myself that I didn't buy the other 3 I saw there - I wasn't a huge fan of the prints on the other ones.  I ended up spreading out my collection to different parts of the living room and ended up with this on the mantle.  I'm not 100% happy with it and it will probably be rearranged again soon, sorry hubby.

[Essie Topless & Barefoot]

This is my new favorite polish of the moment.  All of my neutral shades have been on heavy rotation lately and I decided to spice it up this week by putting gold glitter on my left ring finger and my right  index finger. I know guys will never understand this trend but I think it is cute!  

I saw this on a show/blog and was inspired to do my glitter nails.  In Korea, you can add jewels or fun gems on your nails when you get them done at a salon.  I was tempted to do so while I was honeymooning in Seoul but it was pretty pricey and I didn't want to mess with that while I was on vacation.

[Chicken Thighs with Shallots & Spinach]

This recipe was a favorite this week.  It was super easy to put together after a long day at work!

[Antique Finds]

Last weekend, we made a day trip to Albemarle to visit my in laws and stopped at an antique store on our way back.  I wasn't expecting much as Albemarle is a small town but I was pleasantly surprised when I picked up these goodies for just $9 total!  They had so much stuff in there but that is the fun part of antiquing, right?  Green thumb is something I definitely do not have, but I'm hoping to have a pretty orchid in the planter soon.

Happy Friday to all!  You can always follow me on instagram here! Happy weekend!

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