Thursday, July 23, 2015

All In on Culottes

I'll be the first to admit that I'm slow to jump on most new trends.  Crop tops? The new mid-calf length pencil skirt?  These are items that I'm also positive will fail miserably in my wardrobe so I have passed to this point.  But culottes have taken a different path in my fashion psyche -- I saw them once and immediately bought a pair in an impractical tangerine shade (and on major sale currently!). Shorts that you can wear to work? This is a trend that I'm all on board with.

The longer versions transition easily into fall/winter wardrobes via
Tips for making culottes work for you
Because culottes can fall anywhere from below the knee to mid calf, the extra volume might not be a short girl's best friend.  Heels or wedges will balance this out perfectly by giving you some extra length. Pair with a structured blouse or blazer to contrast the loser fit of the shorts.  When wearing my orange culottes to work I always pair it with neutrals -- a beige top and nude heels for example to try to prevent too much visual competition.  But I'm in love with the first image where she pairs yellow with royal blue and I feel like you could definitely wear that into a work place and feel totally appropriate.

Shopping for culottes?  You're in luck because you can pick up most of these on sale right now as stores prepare for their fall refresh.

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