Wednesday, October 21, 2015

High Point Market: Noir Furniture

There were several vendors that kept Lucy and I hanging around snapping some extra pictures at High Point Market, and with Halloween just over a week away, the styling at Noir had a seasonal nod to boot.  Think architectural modern takes on traditional pieces, with little winks of artistic whimsy for the savvy eye.

Look closely and this Cesara chair detailing that looks feminine at first glance really is a take on a rib cage.  This dichotomy in design is what makes Noir so fascinating to me -- if your furniture is so artistic it has multiple interpretations, I think you know you've made a truly timeless investment.

Their lighting is really as perfectly eclectic as the rest of their designs.  This brass geometric star-shaped fixture would look great even in a more traditional home.
If only my home was grand enough for these -- truly show stoppers.  The opaque crystal beads were a great touch, making the light emanating from this chandelier so elegant and soft.
Often times when I see shells, I think beach house. But with this fixture, I think the shell detailing would be perfect for a darker dining room or study.  Picture this with navy walls floor to ceiling and mahogany or cherry furniture.  You're not thinking coastal anymore, are you.
One of Noir's calling cards is their gold accent pieces.  From abstract globes, to reaching hands or these very realistic looking skulls, they have me convinced that anatomy art is not just a personal whimsy. 
Where else would you display your collection of gold skulls but on a vertical shelf?
You can find local vendors of Noir here -- unfortunately no NC retailers currently for our local readers (or me!).

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