Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Jessie Short's Home Tour on isuwannee

Y'all already know that Jenn and I are both huge fans of the way Jessie Short from The Long and the Short of It decorates.  Her interior design style is simply amazing.  It embodies everything we both love: anything Chinoiserie, wallpaper, ginger jars, blue and white, vintage finds, etc, etc.  I have been following her blog for years and it is so cool to see how she has styled her new home compared to her previous one.  Not to mention her little man is adorable!

I love the "Real Raleigh" posts that Jamie Meares does on her blog. Not only do I love home tours in general, but I feel like these feel more "real" to me - maybe because they are local homes. Jessie's beautiful home was featured on her blog last week here, and it is definitely one of our favorites.

Her tortoise coffee table is to die for. 

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