Monday, October 27, 2014

Good Bones

Decorating with medical textbooks might not be everyone's idea of high style, so I thought I would save this post for around Halloween so that everyone was more open to skeletal inspired home decor.  Medical textbooks and anatomical drawings are a fascination for me, and there is no shortage of stylish options if you are like minded.

If you have old medical text books collecting dust, why not use them for coffee table styling?  Shouldn't your coffee table say something about you?  I like visiting people's homes and ringing something unique about them being featured.  Makes it feel less like we all bought our lives from the same store, haha.
A Netter's Atlas makes a great coffee table book because the illustrations inside are so colorful. 

This is a great collection of short stories about love that I actually really enjoyed reading.  But yes, the cover art was the initial motivator.  
To take my collection to the next level, I think I need to get my hands on an empty (or full and then emptied socially) bottle of Crystal Head Vodka. I am hoping I could grow a succulent plant inside, but I'm not sure there would be enough air.  I can just picture this on a bookshelf though, on top of a few dustier books.
I also really love vintage medical posters, but I know anatomical drawings lining the walls aren't always the most pleasant for people.  So I found some inspired illustrations that could fit this theme but aren't straight up frightening:

Music posters are a great source of anatomical drawings turned art.  This one is a win-win because I love the Avett Brothers, and the concert advertised was in Raleigh.  I'm in the market for a poster from the Cary Koka Booth Avett Brothers concert if anyone has leads! via

There is an entire beautiful collection of nature-infused anatomical illustrations by artist Travis Bedel.  To me these are the perfect mesh of that life and death juxtaposition that made Barcelona and Gaudi's architecture so intriguing.  A wall of Travis Bedel's illustrations may be happening at the house if I can convince my other half that it isn't too morose. via

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