Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Brooke Shields' Colorful Home Tour

Brooke Shields's NY cottage is full of color.  She decorated her home by herself to create family friendly spaces with pops of color and little bits of glam.  According to the article that was featured on Better Homes and Gardens, she is a huge fan of estate sales, flea markets, and auctions, too!

[Look at that chunky throw! How cozy does that look?  I also love acrylic coffee tables but I can imagine myself constantly windex-ing it]

[Hello, beautiful white kitchen! I'm kind of loving the glossy subway tile backsplash]

[Jenn, how much do you love this piece of art?  If you read this post, you would know how much Jenn is loving this photo]

[The perfect setup for entertaining!]

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  1. Obviously you've got me pegged on the horse picture! Just more proof when I present the case to Mark... Jenn