Thursday, September 3, 2015

Things That Make Me Feel 30

Some days you just feel your birthdays a little more.  This week has served me up a few reminders:

I had to google "Squad Goals"
If you know what the hell squad goals means then you are apparently way cooler than me.  I knew I was old when the article I read to decipher the meaning of "squad goals" cited the cast of Friends as an example.  So the only way I could have missed the squad goals phenom is if I haven't watched TV since 2004?

#SquadGoals guys because we all want to have friends that are as amazingly rich and modelesque as celebs and models via

Falling Really Really Hurts
Friday I went biking, you know just around Paris.  It was fantastic and freeing and picturesque until I decided to follow my husband around a stopped bus and missed the part where bikes need some help over curbs.  The last time I rode a bike, falling was a momentary distraction.  You got up and kept biking, especially if you were toting a bottle of wine and a cheese and bread spread to eat in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower.  But as a 30 year old falling off your bike means crying on the side of the street for 10 minutes, spending another 10 minutes fighting off the urge to puke in the Seine, and then not being able to straighten your arm for an unknown amount of days (I'm on day 4 and can almost bring a fork to my mouth again). 

Pre-Fall -- This bike looks incredibly harmless right? Danger looks so different at 30.

Celebs My Age Look Ancient
You know you're old when the people you used to think (so, so long ago) were famous or fashionable look like they belong on the first season of Dancing with the Stars.  I feel older just looking at her.  If this is what 33 looks like, heaven help us all.

Maybe when I can move my arm fully again, I will feel better about 30 and the strange world we live in.  But today, 30 needs some wine.

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