Monday, February 9, 2015

Blue and White Gallery Wall

Nothing is more intimidating to me than putting a nail in the wall -- it's so permanent, so much commitment.  You can't change your mind easily after a hole is in place.  So that's why art has been one of the last things I've thought about when decorating our first home, but the time has come to start rethinking empty walls and face reality -- I need to make some gallery walls.

Luckily there's no shortage of great inspiration in our favorite color palate, blue and white.

This Pottery Barn gallery wall seems so easy to recreate -- just stick with one color pairing and infuse different patterns. via
Framed chinoiserie prints pair perfectly with the rest of your chinoiserie collections via

I know this is too beachy for our home in Raleigh, but the colors are my favorite mix of blues with greens and it seems most paintings I find in this color scheme are ocean related.  Everyone kind of wishes they could decorate a beach house at some point, right? via

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