Monday, February 23, 2015

Blue and White Gallery Wall Project

You may remember a few weeks back when I was crushing on the below Pottery Barn blue and white gallery wall.  Well, this weekend we got some major work done on this project and I'm pleased to report that our version is now complete!

Pottery Barn Inspiration:
Our House:

I went with a mix-matched collection of blue and white prints, tracked down from pinterest.  I really preferred having a six-piece layout like the one from the Pottery Barn design, but our wall space wouldn't allow it.  There's a vent right by the area I wanted to use, and placing the frames in even 3x 3 rows looked really lopsided with that vent right on top of the end frames.  Who designed this?  You have this nice open wall, and a vent in the middle of it and a doorbell box on the side that kept me from shifting everything down to avoid the vent.  Great.   But these are just the usual nuisances when you try to copy an advertisement or pinterest design in a real house.

The wall frames are from Target and these were a great buy last week.  Keep looking because they just ran them for 20% off plus an extra 15% if you spend $75 and free shipping. So basically, don't buy full price if you are buying in bulk at Target, because you will find a better deal.

Sometimes I wish this piece of furniture was a good deal taller, but it was our very first Craigslist find, and now it feels like some sort of family antique (albeit a $50 one).  I get really attached to Craigslist items -- more so than ones I purchase in stores.  The foo dog is also from Target, and you can get one for only $12.99.  And the blue and white lamp is Ralph Lauren from TJ Maxx.

Did you get any big projects finished this weekend?  Post your link below to share!

Shopping for a similar look?  I put together some of the same inspired pieces below, but many of them are definitely a bit higher in price.  Isn't it nice when you find something you like just at much at the cheaper stores?

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  1. Looks great! I can't wait to see them in person!