Monday, January 26, 2015

A Love Letter to Mrs.T's Pierogies

Buffalo Pierogie recipe perfect for your Super Bowl party via
In case it is not glaringly obvious, Lucy and I don't have sponsors.  So goes without saying that if we write about something its because we have an opinion that is not just our own, but strong enough that we want to share it on the internet.  Such is my strong love for Mrs. T's Pierogies, available on your local grocery store freezer aisle in the potato section.  I don't really go in the freezer section anymore since I stopped eating Hot Pockets (it took years to overcome this bad habit), but I make a trip just for Mrs. T's even though there is nothing else in there that could possibly tempt me.  Most of the time they are too expensive (like $4 for a box) but every once in a while Harris Teeter puts them on sale and I load up my cart like a crazy woman!  Hurry in because they are on sale this week :)

Pierogies are essentially potato-filled dumplings, and in far distance parts of the country (like Pennsylvania), they are an essential dietary component.  In the South, pierogies were an oddity in my personal upbringing until they magically appeared at our grocery freezer section.  They come in a variety of flavors and options for regular size or mini for use with different dishes.

 My Favorite Pierogie Meal: I still haven't gotten past the joy of easy cooking recipes, so my favorite way to do things is throw a frozen whole chicken in the crockpot with generous salt and pepper, and let that cook for a good 8 hours (or whenever I get home from work).  Then when I get home, I'll throw the frozen pierogies in a pan with butter and let them cook for around 10-15 minutes until they start to brown and crisp on the edges.  When they just begin to start showing signs of browning on one side, I add in fresh broccoli with a little salt and pepper (and more butter if needed) so that they both get done at the same time.  A perfect frozen foods meal that is actually healthy.

Don't have time for pan-searing? My husband will regularly just pop them in the microwave and eat them straight (this may be an act of desperation since I don't cook often?).  You can also simply boil them stove top.  Nothing beats that crispy crust when you take the time to pan sear them, in my opinion.

There is a whole world of pierogie friendly recipes that are even more adventurous, so I might look into trying:

Kung Pao Pierogie recipe via
Grilled Pierogies and Kilbasa recipe via


  1. Clay and I were just talking about pierogies the other day... sounds so yummy!

  2. I've just tried and it was my first time,taste soo good