Friday, January 23, 2015

Wearing Leggings to Work? You Decide

My source of current events consists of a healthy mixture of the Daily Show (RIP the Colbert Report which I strongly preferred), Grantland, and an embarrassing Today Show over breakfast routine.  So no wonder my source of information is skewed towards the absurd.  This week's morning show goodness consisted of a blogger's vow to stop wearing leggings in public because she thinks it makes it harder for men to keep their minds from wandering towards perversion.  My initial instinct: I have way more things to worry about than whether a man in the room is thinking proper thoughts.  I always dress what I consider to be conservatively, but I've never really thought of leggings as being racy.  But it does bring up a thought that I've heard in a few circles about leggings -- are they really work appropriate?   Not as much for a sexuality reason, but do they look professional enough to be taken seriously in the work place?

I personally own 4 pair of leggings that I consider work appropriate (and maybe I'm wrong), but here is my personal rationalization for how to make leggings look totally acceptable for the office.

1) Make sure that you either fully cover your front region or have a legging that has a true waist or buttons/zippers like a regular pant.  Avoid camel toe.

Shirt doesn't fully cover your front?  Make sure your leggings have all the trimmings of real pants.  via
This is a great example of a Not For Work moment (or anywhere?). via
2)  Make sure that you either fully cover your behind or have a legging that has pockets or other waist detailing like a regular pant.

Wearing knit leggings without any pockets/waistband?  Fully cover everything with an oversized sweater, tunic, or poncho.  via

3) Proportion: if you have form fitting bottoms, wear a loose fitting blouse or sweater on top.

Not only would I dress like this every day, I kind of just want to be whoever this girl is.  via


4) Avoid colors and patterns.  I prefer leather detailing if you are wearing cotton fabrics, or you can go full on faux leather for a look I consider fully work acceptable given you pair it with "workplace staple" pairings on top, such as a polished blouse or blazer.

Any opinions?  Please share!


  1. I. live. in. leggings. in the colder weather anyway! I totally agree that they are work appropriate if you style them right and own the right pair of leggings. I definitely own my share of "at home" leggings vs "wear in public" leggings. So comfy!

  2. I LOVE leggings, but I am so hesitant to wear them to work. Actually just this week I was running late & wasn't in the mood for dress pants so I wore leggings with a long sweater and knee high boots. I love the look, but I'm unsure if I'll make it a regular work outfit option. Or maybe I just need to buy more appropriate pieces of clothing to make me feel more confident about wearing leggings to work. Love all of your photo examples!

  3. Totally agree! Avoid the toe!!!!

  4. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks this can be work attire! I have really enjoyed my leggings that have a zippered front and pockets because I feel like they are real pants if they have all the functioning of real pants. Just incredibly comfortable pants that never need dry cleaning. Jenn