Monday, November 17, 2014

Wallpapered Bookcase Design Hack

There are so many talented women on the internet these days, and my recent favorite way to spend 10 minutes of free time is to find new interior design blogs to learn from.  These ladies are sharing their skills with all of us on the internet -- talents that in years past we would have had to pay our own interior designer to dream up.  One of my newest favorites is Rosa Beltran Design.  Check out the great idea she shared for bringing a built-in bookcase to life.

The Before:
Just a typical living room.  Nothing bad, but very basic.  And the built in looks very much like mine right now.  Which means I need inspiration.
The Solution:
Nothing a little seagrass wallpaper can't fix.  I am sure applying this is difficult in some way, but she is a professional and makes it looks like you could knock this process out watching the NFL this Sunday.
The After:

In addition to being incredibly cohesive in color story, the seagrass wallpaper breaks up the white of the buit-in and adds texture without having to fill the area with wall to wall knick knacks.
I take this lesson from Rosa Beltran Design as just another reason that I need to go wallpaper shopping.  Any suggestions on where to actually buy wallpaper?  If you have more wallpaper design hacks to share I would love to get more inspiration, so post links!

all photos in this post are from the Rosa Beltran Design post that is linked

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