Friday, September 12, 2014

Currently Obsessed

Currently on my mind...

I stumbled upon Kae Sun's "Ship and the Globe" on a Korean soundtrack (random, I know) and I'm obsessed.  

This top clearly needs to come in every color of the rainbow.  I love 3/4 sleeve tops that are flowy.  Totally food baby friendly.

I'm still undecided on if I love Sally Hansen polishes.  Their brush is hard to get used to... BUT this color is so pretty. It's a pinkish grayish beigeish.  Hm.  It's a great neutral.

Please go google "sheepadoodle".  I ran into an adorable sheepadoodle while walking our fur baby and dare I say, she was almost cuter than Tater.  I normally don't freak out over cute dogs in person (it was embarrassing) but look at them!  How FLUFFY.  Love.

Have you tried this delicious liqueur? Perhaps I'm jumping on this train a little late but it is so tasty! I really do want to try a St. Germain margarita like this article suggests.  I have just been mixing this with champagne and it is so good!

So I first saw these earrings on Bauble Bar (love this site, by the way!) and went back and forth on buying them.  I love pearl jewelry - especially the ones that put a fun twist on a classic gem.  But when I saw a replica at Target, I knew I couldn't find them at a better deal and they look identical to the Dior ones shown on Emma Watson.  They've quickly become one of my everyday earrings and I have received so many compliments on them!  I had doubts on whether they'd stay on good throughout the day and so far so good!

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  1. Oh my goodness --the sheepadoodle! So glad it doesn't come in 20lb or less sizes, or I would have a very hard time waiting patiently for future dog ownership. -- Jenn