Thursday, September 11, 2014

Black & White Kitchens

What does your dream kitchen look like for you?  For me personally, a spacious kitchen is a must for me in a home.  I love to cook and I have to have a lot of counter space to make a mess on and plenty of cabinet space to hold all of my kitchen junk I have collected.  I always go back and forth between dark cabinets with light counters or vise versa.  Or ALL white.  Ugh, how I love white.  I totally want an all white kitchen one day.  I can already see myself scrubbing those white cabinets every day.  But how pretty is this with gold accents?!

And of course, a ginger jar in the kitchen.
I'm thinking dark counters with light cabinets.... for today.  For someone who is as indecisive and apprehensive about color as I am (boring, I know), black and white kitchens are just perfect.  Now I just need a massive kitchen to make my dream come true..
These dark floors are to die for!

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