Monday, August 18, 2014

My nail polish addiction

I am obsessed with nail polishes.  There I said it.  I don't know if my obsession comes from not being able to wear them throughout high school because of cheerleading or what, but I change my polish probably every two to three days.  One of my favorite go brands are Essie and OPI.  I am all for at home manicures.  You can find really great products out there and you won't need to spend the money to get them done at salons.
OPI Cajun Shrimp

Seche Vite
This is one of my favorite top coats.  It dries super fast and keeps my nails shiny.

Because I change them so often and own so many, I rarely splurge on nail polish.  But when I do, I love Julep or Butter.  The Chanel one is a classic as well.

I know I keep talking about my trip to Korea, but it was such an amazing trip, I just can't stop.  Nail art is huge in Korea and getting your nails done is so affordable there.  There are also more options you can do as far as color, design, adding different accents, etc.  Because I am indecisive and had a lot of families to meet and greet, I kept mine pretty simple when I got them done. 

I've seen some pretty neat designs floating around on Pinterest as well as Korean blogs.  One day I'll attempt to do these and go cross eyed.



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