Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Major Ginger Jar Moment

So obviously, I am on my way to collecting (or hoarding, however you choose to look at it) my own blue and white collection like pictured above.   The only thing that justify my collection, for my own sanity anyway, is that I always find all of my blue and white goods at a great price.  I just love the feeling of randomly spotting a ginger jar at the most unexpected places... and a great deal? SOLD!  I always go back and forth between liking all of my jars together in one place or if I like them scattered throughout the house.  This photo above clearly proves that having them all together can look just as beautiful.  I love the navy blue wall against the wood furniture too.  I think the perfect solution is to collect (yes, collecting is nicer than hoarding) so many so that I can have ginger jar moments in each room of the house one day. 

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