Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Chinoiserie Love: A Look at the Style of Tory Burch

I've been trying to decide lately what has made blue and white chinoiserie so incredibly popular in the past year or two, and I think we can really applaud Tory Burch for driving the charge.  Her home and office are a constant source of blue and white inspiration.  Her new tabletop collection featuring modern patterns in traditional blue and white hues has been a great success in popularity, and no surprise that the woman who designed such lovely dinnerware and table settings was also living and breathing in the beauty of this color combo in her personal home and office.  Let's take a tour:

Tory Burch's Manhattan office featured in Architectural Digest via
Ginger jar lamps and a collection of sunburst mirrors in her office headquarters via
The entry to Tory Burch's headquarters, with mirrored logo and a perfect ginger jar pairing via

Tory Burch's South Hampton Abode with ginger jars and a garden stool via
Tory Burch's South Hampton outdoor dining area featured in Vogue via

Tory Burch relaxing in her blue and white kitchen for Elle Magazine via

If you aren't inspired yet, you may not have a pulse.  Some of these pictures are from magazine shoots from two years ago, but the styling is incredibly fresh and forward thinking even in 2014.  That's the beauty of chinoserie -- blue and white china has withstood hundreds of years of time-tested visual inspiration, and unlike so many trends that come and go, there will always be a place for Blue Willow.

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