Thursday, August 7, 2014

Korean Beauty Products

Growing up with a mother who is very interested in beauty products, especially skincare items, only made me interested in them just as much.  Korean skincare products are amazing.  I always knew that their beauty products were great but it wasn't until my trip to Korea in April when I realized just how extensive their list of products were.  Many Korean women (and men) have flawless complexions.  So it's no wonder that Korean skincare products are up and coming in American these days too. 
Korean actress with the most perfect skin ever.

Recently, Target launched the Laneige products in store (finally!).   Laneige is just one of the cosmetic brands that Amore Pacific produces. I think my favorite Amore Pacific item lately is their IOPE air cushion compact.  I picked up 4 of these (it was luckily such a great deal at duty-free) on my trip back.  I am hooked.  Of course, America just caught onto the BB cream and CC cream craze a couple years back but Koreans are already onto the next big thing.  This foundation is applied through air cushion compact (this alone is so cool!) so it feels so light yet it covers everything you need.  It also has SPF in it so you can reapply throughout the day.
There also some serious variety of masks you can buy in Korea.  I am not sure why these sheet masks are so hard to find here.  They are much easier to use than the cream ones in my opinion.  They are convenient (individually wrapped) and budget friendly!  The only downfall is that you may look a little scary for your husband or significant other but what can ya do.

innisfree green tea mask

the face shop
They even make a mask for your lips.

lip patch

Not that this is related to the quality of products at all but their cute packaging doesn't hurt either.

hand cream

strawberry hair rollers
Here are some other products worth trying!

BB cream

moisture cream

CC cream

hand cream


  1. Do you have a favorite hand cream to recommend? I wash my hands with alcohol-based sanitizer 20+ times every day and my hands are starting to wither into old lady hands at 29. -- Jenn

  2. LOL Jenn. You crack me up. I love Kiehl's products and find that they are worth the money.,default,pd.html?start=4&cgid=body-hand-creams