Thursday, August 7, 2014

Trending: Boho Kimonos

Unfortunately my line of work requires a pretty business appropriate wardrobe, but this summer may have been one of the most tempting ones of my life to want to buy clothes that just don't make sense in my wardrobe.  I mean, rompers?  I wanted one pretty badly after Caitlin at Southern Curls and Pearls donned her 10th of the summer.  But of all the summer trends that are truly impractical for my lifestyle, none swayed me harder than the bohemian kimono.

So many choices---there is the just incredible:
Incredible Velvet Kimono on Etsy via
Amazing gold kimono and jewelry to die for that I would wear every day if I lived in Granada, Spain via
To the highly impractical unless I lived at the beach (or in San Francisco, where anything goes):

Crochet and tassels!  Be still my heart.  via 
Crazy thought here, I am so obsessed with trying to find a work-appropriate kimono --- I was thinking that maybe I could pull it off in the office if the rest of my outfit was sophisticated neutrals?  I was thinking the below options could be dressed up for work if I made a real effort at making the rest of me look business-appropriate.
I really love this blue and white kimono because it could almost be styled as a light jacket.  It could even work belted if it seemed too slouchy for your office.  via

The above is much more of an office stretch, but the rich embroidery makes it look more sophisticated.  I imagine wearing this with a gold belt to create more of a waist-line, and pairing with a crisp white blouse, white or khaki straight leg pants, and a nude heel. I think this could be really sophisticated.   via
So do you think kimonos could transition to work wear?  Or should I just table the idea for weekend and beach style?  I would love to hear more from the readers and please link to your blog in the comment section below if you would like to show off your kimono style!

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