Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pen Shell Love Story

Pen Shell may be an odd thing to fall in love with, but it happened to me.  If you love tortoise shell, then pen shell is a natural progression to bringing this love for personal accessories into home decor.  Let me awe you with all of the amazing ways that professionals have found a use for pen shell furniture because a few pictures might spark love at first sight, too:

Pen Shell Home Decor

I really love the Horchow tortoise shell table that Jessie features on her blog, The Long and Short of It, and in my usual Craigslist stalker ways, I obsessively monitored my Craigslist app for months looking for any sort of inexpensive knock off.  Amazingly enough, Craigslist delivered (it has never failed me yet haha).

My own little piece of Pen Shell perfection
I was able to find someone selling this Bernhardt pen shell coffee table at very a good price, so if you are looking for something similar, Bernhardt made a few pen shell options several years ago that may be up for resale in your local area too.   I will readily admit it is not nearly as beautiful as the E J Victor version that Jessie owns, but it is my own little slice of design love.

If you aren't sure that pen shell is something that you want in furniture, it makes for great little accent pieces as well.  Check out this great pen shell lamp, perfect for a den or study:
Or this great little accent or jewelry boxes: 
Of course, if money is no object you could just buy everything at William Sonoma.  A 5 x7 pen shell picture frame is on sale for $99.99 right now.  Ouch.  Love hurts...

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