Monday, February 22, 2016


My husband brought home a snake plant for me - it is still going strong, so maybe these are pretty hard to kill.  Love the look of this plant in my blue and white planter!

We are expecting a little baby boy this June, so nursery decor has been on my mind lately.  I would love something neutral, traditional, and calm.  So many ideas on Pinterest.

Have you ever tried Hong Kong style egg tarts?  Jenn has mentioned a recipe in her post here, which is probably more authentic than this one, but when I watched this video on BuzzFeed, it seemed so easy...?  Baking is no easy task but I may have to give this a try.

I just love the "Real Raleigh" posts on i suwannee - I think I'm more drawn to these posts knowing they are in Raleigh.  Last week's feature on Hyla Wooldrige's home is so beautiful.  Her porch is to die for!

I have been living in maternity leggings - who knew they would be so comfy!  These are my favorites so far, and right now they are on sale for just $49.99.  Seriously, I'm sure I'll be wearing them post baby.

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