Monday, December 7, 2015

Around Our Home

Our home is a constant work in progress (isn't everyone's?!) but I'm always excited to look at the progress we've made in a short time.  Here's a little look into our current projects!

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The Bedroom
I've tried my best to keep the scheme in here relaxing and man-friendly.  Yellows, grays, and creams are about as colorful as it gets.  We just got a canvas printed for over our bed from our trip to Utah this fall -- believe it or not that's an iPhone photo from the salt flats at sunset!!  You can score a great discount on print canvases from Picaboo (right now 60% off with code GIVECANVAS).

Still working on the wall across from the bed -- that's my big gallery wall project that I hope to work on over the holidays when I get a little time off work. 

The Den
Since we spend nearly our entire time at home inside this room, it's gotten by far the most attention.  I mean, we eat in here and fall asleep in here watching TV after dinner on the regular, so better make it homey.

Nothing beats a faux fur throw for snuggling up on the couch.  This thing is seriously warm!!  The faux fur pillows and throw are on sale at World Market right now (click the pictures to shop):

We decided to keep Christmas decor simple again this year -- we don't have kids and my job is really busy in December so I'm at home less this month than any other month of the year.  That means no tree again this year, but I'll definitely plan on getting one when we decide to start a family.  Until then I have my little old lady ceramic tree (that probably will have to be put in storage for a few years when we start a family because it is after all ceramic with lots of beautiful colored lights that would be impossible for little hands to not want to reach for).

You can make your own tassel garland with our easy guide!
Of course I needed a little blue and white in there!  This is a lid to one of my chinoiserie vases -- I just flipped it over to turn it into a candle holder.

The Entry
This gallery wall definitely came out better than anything else I've done so far.  For the holidays I've kept things pretty simple with fresh greenery and gold ornaments in the chinoiserie I keep out all year round.  By the way these photos are making me realize what a nightmare my entire house is for babies.  I've become my grandmother for sure.

Front Porch
My magnolia wreath is definitely far into dried magnolia mode, so this year and last I've added fresh greenery from around the yard to fill it out with some green.  I've also seen great ideas of people painting their wreaths gold which may give me a good project for next year.

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