Thursday, October 15, 2015

We're Going To Market!

Many moons ago I told Lucy that I had a pretty frivolous dream (which aren't they sometimes the best?): we could start a blog.  Both of us were newly married to someone from a different cultural background, and we were starting to create a home and life around our own new identities as one half of an amazing Southern-meets-Asian love story.  I was just starting to find my own personal "style," and I can honestly say the blog is the biggest reason my husband sometimes sits down and says something heartbreakingly sweet like "You've made our house a home."  So besides helping me get wifely bonus points for interior decorating because I'm constantly reading about and getting inspired by new designers and curators I'm finding through the internet, this blog has also helped me attain one more bucket-list item.  At the very beginning I told Lucy that the ultimate way that I would know that our dream had truly come true was when one amazing, life-changing day we'd be granted a pass to High Point Furniture Market.

Why High Point Market?  Before I was a homeowner I went with my mom and her friends to Market for 1 whirlwind day.  It was a day that seems sort of misty-eyed in memories and interior design splendor.  Market is the ultimate window shopping -- the kind of window shopping a girl does when she dreams she is outfitting an entire department store, or her own Biltmore Estate.  Each booth is another innovative source of inspiration, and this year, Lucy and I will be bringing all the amazingness to you guys here at East Meets South.

Because I can't wait for Saturday, I'm already doing a little instagram High Point Market stalking:

All signs point to Market being on chinoiserie overload this year via
Anatomy art always steals my attention, but I'm also loving that coral buffet via
I'm so excited to see the CR Laine booth -- they can always be counted on for the perfect blend of modern meets chinoiserie.  Plus, I want to see if I can afford that fantastic lamp. via

I mean, this is probably going to be mesmerizing in person via 
Those chairs!!! via
Check back next week for a full blog recap of our favorite High Point Market looks!  We can't wait to share what's caught our eye this season.

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