Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Parisian Gypset Style Inspiration

It's hard not to be inspired by your travels, and coming back from Paris I've been really feeling a re-energized appreciation for classic and timeless home decor styles.  But I still love the bohemian patterns that are so on-trend right now with bright color mixes and suzani prints.  I've put together my idea of the perfect meld of Parisian classic style with contemporary eclectic mixes and I call it Parisian Gypset because what else am I supposed to call this meeting of 2 worlds?

The Inspiration:
Touring Napoleon III's apartment in the Louvre was a study in excess -- huge crystal chandeliers, enough seating for a small country to hang out in your dining room or den, and everything gilt of course.

So I can't really say it's my style, but you can't deny the opulence of velvet furniture with the right mix of gold and tropical plants.  It immediately reminded me of one of my favorite recent trends in modern design, the green velvet sofa:

Tory Burch from Domaine Home via
Sophisticated but definitely not stuffy! via
My Version: The Parisian Gypset Apartment

Start with a luxurious couch -- I love an emerald or sage green in a plush material like velvet, but green linen can be just as inviting (and probably more comfortable in those hot NC summers). Tufted details give your couch that classic style.
The Couch:
Layer in patterned armchairs in a more urban or modern print.  Think suzani prints or Moroccan tile patterns.  A broken-in leather club chair wouldn't be amiss here either.
The Chair

Go gold with your accent furniture.  The French had it right; gold always looks very sophisticated. There are some great acetate coffee tables trending now with gold metal hinges that can really add that modern element too.
Gold coffee table
No surprise here, I think layering in Chinoiserie pieces is a sure way to achieve that sophisticated touch with the whimsy of world travel.  My favorites are antiques you can pick up at estate sales or craigslist, so keep a look out in your area!
The men in your life will disagree about the necessity for pillows, but layering pillows in different patterns is a sure fire way to achieve that eclectic style we all crave right now.  Throw in a few chintz florals with your more boho patterns and you've got a mix that would make your inner interior decorator proud.
Pillow Mix
I overlook the power of a statement lamp all the time, but throwing in an unusual shape or a pop of color can help bring your room together.  I'm loving jade lamps right now, as well as one with crystal bases, but check out that Chinoiserie beauty too.


So you're seeing a lot of green here -- this color palate is the perfect time to throw in some malachite and jade accessories.  I love malachite pieces but their price tag is often daunting.  The great thing about malachite though is even a small jewelry box on a side table packs a big visual punch.
Don't forget your walls of course.  I love layering floor to ceiling sheers for a dramatic look (the ones above are Restoration Hardware).  But if you don't have a wall of windows, a thoughtful gallery wall behind your couch can work just as well.  I'm loving these eclectic pieces from the Well Appointed Home -- they remind me of Marie Antoinette in a really crazy opium haze.

On The Wall

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