Thursday, August 13, 2015

Excessive Yet Necessary Pet Chinoiserie

I don't have a dog.  In real life, I mean.  In some sort of distant future (tomorrow? fifty years from now?) there will be a dog, so until then I am hoarding all of the fantastic chinoiserie that will be lavished upon him.  Apparently I will also be rich by that time...

First off, personalized hand painted chinoiserie dog bowls from Indigo Home.  Images from her instagram account @danamahnke

She makes treat jars too!

A dog bed?  Pshah -- your dog needs a pagoda palace from Society Social.

Or this little wicker pagoda bed for your pet's vacation in your Hamptons summer home?

Or you could just get him his own chair since you know dogs don't usually stay in their dog beds anyway.  And then maybe you could sit in it sometimes too.  If your dog will scoot over a bit.

from @peonylim

from @jamiemeares

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