Friday, July 17, 2015

cheshire cat gallery

I don't think that we could discuss antique or vintage shopping in Raleigh without talking about Cheshire Cat Gallery in Cameron Village.  This place is full of vintage goods, jewelry, antique furniture pieces, foo dogs, records, ginger jars galore, you name it.  It is easy to spend a Saturday afternoon there browsing through each booth from different vendors.  You don't realize how large this place really is until you get downstairs.

There are definitely those pricey pieces in there that make you wonder who in the world will be buying all this stuff, but if you are willing to dig around more, you may be able to pick up great vintage goods for nothing.

One of my favorite booths there is EmilyCo.  Her instagram is always updated with new finds that will be available at her shop.  The green bar cart above is from her shop!  Follow her feed here!

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