Friday, June 26, 2015

Current Obsessions

Happy Friday!  This week couldn't have gone slower for me.  I'm excited to do nothing this weekend for once, and just relax!  Here are some random things on my mind lately. 

My husband and I are looking for the perfect solution for our TV situation in the living room.  We need something long on the main wall and we were thinking a dresser style furniture would be perfect.  Of course we would love to happen upon a vintage looking one like below but the waiting part is so hard.

If you haven't tried this sriracha and roasted garlic bbq sauce from Trader Joe's, you're missing out.  It is so yummy - spicy, sweet, and garlicky. 

We finally put up our gallery wall in our living room the other day.  They are from Pottery Barn and are still available here.  They come with a handy kit with templates so they were easy to figure out.  Now I just need photos! 

How cute is this dress?! It seems perfect especially for the hot weather we are having right now.  When it is this hot, all I want is a piece of fabric on me. Dresses everyday. 

The perfect drink for you to make this weekend. Rosé sangria with limoncello!

Happy weekend!

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