Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tiny House

I'm sure that most of you are familiar with the Tiny House Movement.  I saw the cutest small house for sale here in Cary that was beautifully renovated on the inside the other day.  And it reminded me that a former co-worker of mine moved into a renovated house here in NC that is only 864 sq ft with her husband and her two young sons.  I remember when she was telling me about this house and thinking, how in the world would you fit into this house with your family and all of your stuff?! But then as I was looking more into it and talking to her about it more, I was so fascinated by the concept of tiny houses.  It definitely isn't for everyone but it is interesting to see the financial and environmental reasons behind why people are choosing to downsize and live simply.  If we didn't have plans of having a family of our own, I think I would have convinced my husband that we needed that house.  But I don't know if that would have meant that i can't hoard ginger jars anymore.  I guess you really can't hoard anything in a tiny house.

Not to mention, there are some charming tiny houses out there that just might convince you.  It will definitely make you get creative with your space and storage.  

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  1. Large or small, a house isn't a home without character! The great thing about a small house is there are so many less walls and rooms to breath life into, haha. I know I've been struggling to make just a few areas in ours feel like lived-in space with personality. But I can imagine with kids "life" in a house doesn't take much trying all of a sudden and a few extra square feet might mean the difference in your personal space bubble of sanity. Jenn