Thursday, April 16, 2015

Are You Really Going to Wear These Shoes?

This post isn't really meant to be smart aleck; I'm legitimately curious if anyone in a normal everyday job/life is going to wear Birkenstocks?  I remember the first time I saw pictures of a few models wearing them around LA or New York with baggy clothes and baseball caps on their "off days." I thought: "Models wear anything" -- it's more about getting photographed than looking great (which they do anyway, since they are models).

Model Anna Ewers on the streets of NYC via

But then these shoes just keep hanging around, and this past runway season it seemed that nearly every designer was doing their own iteration from pastels to platforms.  

Trina Turk showed Birkenstocks for both men and women for their 2014 Resort Wear collection via 

Givenchy Floral Birkenstocks via

The Platform Birkenstock from Free People via

The thing is, my initial reaction to seeing Birkenstocks is a very matronly "been there, done that."  Is it so wrong that I want something new?  Something that I didn't wear 10 years ago (ok maybe it was more like 15)?  When I threw my last pair of knock-off Payless Shoe Store Birkenstocks into the trash a decade ago, I felt with certainty that I would never miss those shoes.  Will I eat my words?  Or is this all just a desperate attempt by late 20/early 30 some-year-olds to recapture their youth with nostalgic shoe choices?  With the overwhelming percentage of my wardrobe (clothes and shoes) dedicated for work wear, I don't see Birkenstocks making a second appearance in my closet, but for someone chicer and cooler than me, I'm sure you are considering.  So share your thoughts: is this trend legit or are you passing on Birkenstocks this second time around?

I did some research, and no surprise you can find these sandals for a wide range of prices. Those floral Givenchy ones will set you back just under $1000, while a striped version by Aerosoles is under $50.


  1. I bought a pair! I'm back on the Birk bandwagon. But I prefer the real ones. They're super comfy.

    1. I can definitely picture you pulling this off!

  2. I totally pulled my old Birks out of the back of my closet!