Thursday, February 26, 2015

Searching for Scarabs

Do you ever come across something that you immediately know you need in your life, only to discover that the image you saw was from a few years ago and you literally can't get what you want anywhere.  This is the biggest shortcoming of the internet -- if I can't possibly possess something, do I want to be made aware that it existed at some point in time?

Let me spread my misery by sharing with you the object of my disappointment:  The Kara Ross Scarab Ring circa 2012

 Really obsessed with this one in particular, once for sale in October 2012 via

Since 2012 is now unreachable in the world of retail, my only chance will be some sort of ebay find.  Or I could try to stop being obsessed with scarab jewelry in general. The good news is that you can sometimes find good prices on scarab bracelets at Raleigh's flea market (and I wear mine quite frequently!), so maybe a ring will turn up eventually?  My grandmother had a few pieces of scarab jewelry, and since a young age I can remember being mesmerized by it.   the bracelets were my favorite dye to the rainbow of colors, but there is also a certain mystery to scarab jewelry that really captured my childhood fancy.   My grandmother had a huge scarab ring that looked like something an evil queen would wear. It was dark and a little grotesque (scarabs are beetles after all)-- a mesmerizing archaeological treasure in my child's mind.  Somethings you just don't grow out of.

Vintage Scarab Bracelets can be found inexpensively even on Etsy, but check your local flea market first.  Also, because they are so colorful you can wear them with pretty much anything and stack them with other gold bracelets if that's your thing. via

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