Thursday, February 5, 2015

Mixed Manicures? You Decide

Another can I wear this to work question for you, readers: do you think that mixed manicures can be professional enough in the workplace?  Maybe it's too late to ask this, since I've been rocking one since Saturday, but I have to say it does make me feel quite young and more edgy to be wearing an "accent" nail color on one finger.

I combo'd a nude polish with a very traditional maroon in an attempt to make this trend a little more wearable for every day work attire.  Glitter nail polish just seems like it could be a stretch for me to pull off since I use my hands so much at work.  I'm definitely on board with the nude polish trend these days.  There's something that feels quite modern and sophisticated after being bombarded by crazy nail art for the past few years.  But if you wear all basics, all the time, life can get a little dull after awhile.  

Quick example of why I love being married -- when I first bought nude nail polish, I of course painted all my nails nude.  First thing my husband asked was what was wrong with my hands.  This is how we know that all this stuff we call fashion is really just for women.  Men don't usually get it, and let's be honest, we know that already because we know they aren't the ones pinning the stuff or writing the blogs that we are clicking on.  I can personally guarantee that every other picture in this post is not something your husband or boyfriend would pick out if he was going to paint your nails -- and if it was, would you even want to read it?  I didn't think so.

I really like this look, but obviously it is way too much for daily life in an office, and I don't have the kind of patience necessary to use this many colors.  
Typically you see the mixed color "accent" nail in a glittered polish, but I thought that looked a little too juvenile or evening for an office.  I really like this one because it is just simple enough that I would almost be tempted.  But then I would have to buy glitter nail polish, and that seems like a mistake in general at this age in my life. via

Another trend I'm really wanting to try out (but I don't think I have the skills to do it) is the half moon nail.  Lucy has done this before with great success so maybe she'll share her method if there are any 
I really love this look from the runway by Zoya -- a nude nail with a classic red half moon.  Just the smallest pop of color, and definitely muted enough that I don't think any workplace could object.  via
This look is dubbed the reverse french manicure, and this is right up my alley!  Classic, non-confrontational, but a little twist to keep things exciting.  via

Any opinions on these nail styles for work?  Should we just go basic polish, or feel free to experiment with the slightly more sophisticated take on nail art trends? 


  1. I noticed your nails last night, thought they were cute! Definitely depends on your profession, but I think nails are about the only thing you can be "free" with when it comes to work appropriate. Of course you know I love all the photos on this post! :)

  2. Love these ideas, Jenn! Inspires me to be a little more creative this week with my nails.