Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pajama Party

Hanging around the house with nothing to do and nowhere to be is one of my favorite hobbies. When you don't get to enjoy those moments often (I don't think most people have the luxury of boredom in today's world), being bored is this almost nirvana-like state of mind.  If I can get that peaceful and quiet feeling, I like to live in it as long as possible.  Long intro for one simple truth- I love button down pajama sets because they make me feel like my life is leisurely.
You remember this, right?  via

Maybe it all started in my America Girl days, where the catalog always showed a happy little girl holding her Molly doll with matching red striped PJs.  They put that image in every magazine that came out year round, but it just felt so quintessentially Christmas to my little girl's mind that I began associating red striped pajamas with Christmas, and thus with how Christmas makes you feel as a young child.  Full of love and cookies and movie marathons on the couch with hot chocolate.  Who here wouldn't want to rekindle those feelings, even as a grown woman?

Jess from New Girl has amazing pajama style if you watch regularly.
Also she looks a lot like Molly if she had been a real person and grown up.  Which really
completes the pajama circle here, right?  via
Well lucky for you, pajama sets aren't just for Molly dolls and your grandmother.  They have been coming back with a vengeance thanks to fashion bloggers who like to photograph themselves drinking coffee with a table spread of gold knick knacks and magazines around them. "Just enjoying coffee in my expensive satin PJ's and loving life, guys."  Yes, these images are the reason I bought my first set of satin pajamas earlier this fall.  And I love them and feel both comfortable and so chic whenever I wear them.

I have to say I am really thrilled with my original pajama purchase: these Morgan Taylor satin pajamas from Macy's (I got the solid navy but I think those floral ones are great too!)  They are priced great at under $35, and despite the affordable price tag, they are exceeding expectations (lots of wear and no signs of destruction).

Want to explore the world of pajamas available?  From classic Ralph Lauren plaids to satin florals, I've put together a few options for you to explore for your future Christmas gifting plans.

Shop this post via the links below.  Most items are on sale right now, so don't miss out if you are looking for pajamas this year!

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