Monday, October 13, 2014

All About Agate

Did any of you have a rock collection as a child?  I know I went through a phase where I would collect little bits of quartz and obsidian and jade and keep them organized in a little plastic case. I can't quite remember what I did with them, but collecting things seems to have been a favorite past time of elementary school years.  Spawned from this childhood hobby I didn't go the Hank from Breaking Bad route of geode collection, but I did develop a healthy love for agate coasters.
via  Michael C. Fina

via High Street Market, set of 4 are $28
via William Sononma; set of 4 are $140

If you are experiencing a bit of sticker shock, I feel your pain.  That is why it has taken me so long to bring agate coasters into my life.  But we are all in luck, because Target strikes again, bringing inexpensive knock-offs of my favorite wish-list splurges.  Right now you can purchase a set of 4 agate coasters at Target for $9.99, available in both teal and magenta color options.  Thanks Target!

Target's teal agate coasters are at home with my pen shell coffee table.  My adult rock collection.

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