Thursday, July 10, 2014

Statement Pieces: Asian-Inspired Pieces in a Traditional Home

I love the trend right now in home decor to layer statement pieces of furniture -- bright colors, and antiques that are highly stylized paired unexpectedly with a more neutral modern look or traditional home. Our generation of Southern home owners isn't going to be doing the entire house in Waverly fabrics; all of the traveling, study abroad programs, and international influences of being raised in a global internet world has led the world of twenty and thirty year old home owners to really embrace a love of culture-mixing.  Just look at the crazy popular styling and color/cultural/pattern mixing overload featured at Raleigh staples like Furbish Studio:

If the color and pattern mixing happening in design right now feels overwhelming to you, then try taking a simple approach by adding just one strong statement piece.  Always best to start small, and then keep building more layers as you get more comfortable and adventurous.  This is how I would start building my living room in a dream world:

Can you imagine this coffee table in a room with a neutral off-white sofa and traditional black end tables? Maybe a pop of orange or teal in the pillows on the couch, but everything else in whites and tans and blacks. And a fig tree in the corner somewhere.  As the blog goes on, an unhealthy craigslist addiction is going to reveal itself.  For about 6 months now I have been stalking this incredible hand-painted coffee table, but the owners are in no rush to sell.  The price has never been dropped once....

Or maybe this chest in a narrow entry way, with white ceramic pottery pieces on top?  Wait, don't buy this chest please.  I might be able to convince myself this is a piece I could afford.

Of course, let's just take to pinterest to see designer's actually pulling off my more simplistic, solo statement piece of furniture vision. 

via Brabourne Farm

via Better Homes and Gardens

Is anyone else mixing in traditional pieces with asian-inspired pieces or antiques?  Please post a link to your site in our comment section so I can see your successes!

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