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I try not to buy too many things at once. It makes me feel better about superfluous vintage shopping at the flea market or my personal local favorite vintage boutique, Affordable Chic.  But buying a little here and a little there makes it so much more fun in creating your own personal style because you're making thoughtful choices.  Even if it takes years, the look is totally yours. Here's the latest view around my house; still a total work in progress but it's fun to see how much it's come together since Lucy and I started blogging.

I brought a friend home for my christmas cactus --I'm officially a huge fan of snake plants and how low maintenance they are.  $10 at Lowes and it needs 1-2 hours a day of sunlight (perfect for our bedroom on the back of the house) and a no more than a cup of water a week.  Just try and kill it. Check Lucy's post for more snake plant love.

I also updated my chinoiserie collection with a fall inspired acorn (a Home Goods impulse buy).  But honestly I might keep it out year round since Raleigh is the City of Oaks.  I'm not much on full-out seasonal decor so I can picture myself rotating this in and out even when I'm not in pumpkin-spice mode.

Because I went to Affordable Chic recently, I had to bring a new antique home with me.  An Asian chest with ivory inlay bird details?  It wasn't getting left behind.

Even my husband approved (which often doesn't happen with my chinoiserie purchases).  Since it is a jewelry box (I think) I struggled with where I should put it.  I mean, there is so little admiration it can get in my bathroom.  So instead it made it onto the shelves in the den for maximum viewing pleasure.

Speaking of which, the den is starting to come together nicely right now.  It just took 3 years....

On my to-do list: I'm not completely in love with my tie-die pillows but I'll keep riding the trend for the moment.  I'm also in need of upgrading my lamps -- they seem pretty short in these pictures but probably because the walls are so massively tall.  I also want to upgrade our art at some point, but I struggle with knowing what to invest in.  Some day I want a really vibrant painting behind the couch, but until then I'm trying to layer in travel posters all around the World Market print we have to create a colorful and more personal gallery wall effect.  We've been a few more places so it's time to start adding more frames soon!

Wanting cheap (free) fillers for your vases?  I'm a huge fan of cutting off bush trimmings in place of flowers.  They last way longer, and if you're like me your bushes seem to grow much better than a flower garden.  I think these purple hued bush clippings are great for fall.

I can't bring myself to go fall in the dining room.  Just loving my pink table cloth too much to put it away right now.  Plus it's still shorts weather here in NC, so no need to dive in to full-fledge fall mode too soon.  If I'm still wearing anything sleeveless then pink florals are acceptable decor.

We'd love to see your home tours so post your blog link in the comments!!

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