Thursday, March 24, 2016

Easter Table Setting Inspiration with Blue Pheasant

The days are longer, the Japanese maples are covered in pink blossoms, and yes, it's somehow finally spring.  Easter snuck up really quickly this year and I am embarrassed to admit I haven't changed out our place settings since January.  Full fledged maroons and gold over here.  Luckily I stumbled across a #hpmkt fave, Blue Pheasant for some spring-inspired tabletop ideas.

They teamed with Coco and Kelley this week for an Easter table setting featuring a mix that just can't be argued with: gold flatware, marbled china, and a healthy dose of blue and white.

I love the above, but I kind of feel exhausted thinking about how much planning went into getting the perfect pattern mix.  I'm feeling a return to simplicity/sanity lately:

Don't you think everything seems so styled these days? I love the layered pattern mixing as much as the next person, but when I do it I feel like such a try-hard.  A return to simplicity is calling my name this season. Modern white plates with pops of pastels seem timeless and relaxed -- like a table that would welcome a 5 year old as readily as a lady's luncheon.  Maybe I've got mom-brain lately, but I'm constantly thinking to myself, how practical is this lifestyle I'm constantly curating?  Sometimes even your personal decor preferences need a little detox.

You know what mixes perfectly with white plates?  Blue patterned ceramics.  Marbled, tie-dyed, you name it, it's a pairing made in boho heaven.  I love that no two pieces are exactly the same; authentic imperfection is what I look for when finding pieces I expect to use for a lifetime.

But don't get me wrong, I am really loving that marbled china too.  Can't you just picture a monogrammed napkin in big gold initials with this table setting? Life can't be practical all the time.

From High Point Furniture Market Fall 2015
I can't tell if I need coffee or just this cup and saucer, but I feel like if I had both right now life would be so, so complete.

Unfortunately you can't order direct from their website, but you may find it at local boutique stores in your location.  We'll be checking them out again at High Point Market this spring for sure!

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