Monday, September 7, 2015

Raleigh, I Love You: Dashi

Craving gourmet ramen?  I can't say the thought ever crossed my mind, but after eating at Dashi in Durham I can assure that ramen noodles are in fact crave-worthy.  There's a "Japanese pub" or izakaya upstairs serving elevated munchies like black sesame nori popcorn and okra tempora paired with sake or local craft beer.  Downstairs it's all ramen with your pick from 7 different noodle concoctions, and if you're feeling creative you can start with one and add on items ranging from grilled avocados to catfish or meatballs.  The portions are sized just right to leave you room to head upstairs for snacks and beer afterwards hanging out with friends.  Definitely put Dashi on your list of reasons to head out to Durham for dinner!  See our review of Pizzeria Toro for another great Durham option.

The Shio

The Mazeman

I'd like to take a time out and talk about a great local beer on the menu upstairs: Raleigh Brewing Company's First Squeeze.  A drinkable beer with just a hint of orange but definitely not too sweet?  They nailed it. Of course, since I tried this I haven't found it at any other restaurant and I'm desperately hooked. 

Any recommendations for our next Triangle area restaurant date?  We're up for anything so suggestions always welcome!

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