Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Home Tour Favorites

Fall seems to elicit a really strong feeling of friendly invitation around blogland, and I've felt like I've been visiting with people I've never met for the past week wading through pictures of their gloriously manicured home tours.  Maybe it's the thrill of the colder weather and the impending holiday spirit, but everyone seems to want to invite you inside for an imaginary glass of pumpkin spice coffee.  Just in case you haven't gotten enough e-neighboring this week, here's a look at some of my favorites:

How fantastic is that wooden bead chandelier at The Nester?

Layering quilted mulberry pillows with a neutral plaid is a great fall look that will take you right through winter.  I've officially got a new reason to go shopping now.
Above from White Buffalo Styling Co

A real standout of the #bloggerstylinhometour series was Style Your Senses.  Check out the link because she's mixing our favorite chinoiserie with pumpkins and fall floral arrangements like they were always meant to be together. 

I know this isn't everyone's style, but nothing makes me smile more than making a really outdated piece of furniture look modern and exciting.  And I love using bush cuttings for really lanky vase clippings.  via @thoughtsfromalice

This was the best thing I saw on the internet this week. In my next life I will live in this bedroom by @jenniferrizzodesigncompany

Sometimes looking at these images and the sheer number of professionally curated blogger home tours can be a little depressing too -- I mean, didn't we used to go visit our actual friends and neighbors and hang out in their houses for the afternoon? Yes, I'm sure the blog homes are better than the ones in my neighborhood (they are definitely better than mine!) but sometimes social media makes me miss the real thing -- the real imperfection and messiness of real houses.  So if you're in the area, come ring my door bell because you're welcome any time for a glass of malbec, as long as you don't mind the laundry that's drying on the back of my kitchen chairs right now.  I try to use blog tours as inspiration instead of an indictment of the fact I'm actually not an interior designer -- just love turning a house into a home. And I think the images above show that simple style I love that feels authentic and totally like something you could live in every day without worrying about if the pillows are karate chopped to perfection.

Any home tours you've particularly been inspired by this week?  Share the link in the comment section so we can spread the love.

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