Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Polaroid Obsession

So call me crazy but I love Polaroid cameras and photos. I know, I'm going backwards in time.  But don't you remember taking them when you were little, and you just couldn't wait for the photo to show up?  I love the retro feel of these photos now and even considered buying one of these minis for our wedding guestbook.  Truthfully, I was just going to use that as an excuse so I could finally own one.

Obviously, I do realize how convenient things are with smartphones these days but there is just something about having a photo of that one exact moment in time.  But then could I really give up these amazing filters we have on our phones?  So I came across this Fujifilm printer which allows you to print pictures from your phone with the retro feel that a Polaroid camera would give you.

Does anyone own one of these? Or am I the only nerd who wants this little gadget?

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