Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Honeymoon in Korea

My husband and I honeymooned in Korea - a place we always talked about going to for our honeymoon.  It was the best vacation I have been on so far.  Even though I was born there and lived there until I was 10, there are so many things I had forgotten about or didn't know about Korea probably because I was so young when we moved.  Most of my family still lives there so we spent a good part of our 2 week vacation visiting friends and family, but we also got to visit an island before heading to Seoul to have some alone time. 

{view from our hotel in Jeju}

Jeju island was simply beautiful.  It is a popular vacation spot due to the fact that there are so many activities to do there.  My parents honeymooned here and it still remains a popular destination for newlyweds today.  You can go hiking, shopping, ride horses, go to the beach, and of course enjoying all the tourist spots - there is so much to see there!  It was honestly one of those places where the air was so clean and the water quality was amazing that my skin and hair was literally glowing. I did not want to leave!

{almost died while hiking this mountain but the views were so beautiful}

After Jeju, we headed to Seoul.  My expectations for the city were high and I was overwhelmed with how awesome this place was.  We stayed right in the middle of the city in Gangnam (I'm sure you've heard about it through the song, Gangnam Style) so we were able to blend in (tried to anyway) with people going to work everyday and just living their lives.  There is so much going on at all times - basically everything is open 24 hours!  

{inside one of the royal palaces from 1300's - so beautiful to find this in the middle of the city! not going to lie, this must be one of the best photos i've ever taken}

I realize that I may be biased, but Korea would be such an amazing place to live.  The technology there is insanely advanced, and everything is so convenient, fast, cute (everything is cute, even water bottles), and the food is yummy.  A few of our favorite things were:

FREE wifi everywhere. I mean, literally everywhere.  Cafes, restaurants, stores, walking down the street, and even in the subway!

{seoul is full of themed cafes - hello kitty one was one of the cutest we found}

Convenience: the subway system is Seoul so clean and efficient.  When we were there, we were able to get around via metro so easily - everything was in English and easy to switch lines. It was super fast too.  For our 1 year anniversary we went to DC and their metro was not so clean or fast.  Also, everything is open 24/7!  Gas stations, grocery stores, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. And everyone will deliver to you no matter what time it is.  That is one thing I wish they would have here, food delivery 24/7!

Shopping! There is shopping everywhere you go.  Not only are there malls (like the kinds that we are used to here), there are stores that you can browse everywhere, even underground on your way to get on the metro.  By the way, that was one of my favorite places to shop. Such great deals!

{spotted ginger jars - so sad i couldn't take them home}

{local shops with handmade goods}

And of course, the food was amazing.  We ate at Paris Baguette almost every morning.  Bakeries in Korea are very similar to European bakeries.  They aren't to sweet or heavy like some American pastries can be.  We need a Paris Baguette bakery here!  We of course had endless amounts of Korean food, and my husband even got to try Korean version of Burger King, haha.  It's always amazing to be on vacation and eat like there is no tomorrow.

{paris baguette}

{i told you everything was cute - look at the little parisian man coffe cup and water bottle where the cap can be used as a cup}

{beer with frozen foam}

{raw beef}

{beautiful presentation}

{a little bar cart in the middle of the street. $4 for a liquor drink? sign me up!}

We have already been talking about when we can go back.  Of course, we would love to take our future children there one day.  We were only able to explore Seoul and Jeju, and there are so many other places we'd love to visit!

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