Friday, June 12, 2015

Current Obsessions

Happy Friday, friends!  My favorite day of the week.  I am actually enjoying a long weekend this weekend.  We are going dress shopping for my little sister tomorrow and I am so excited!  She is getting married next June, and I have my tissues ready for Saturday. I made fun of her for crying when we bought my dress but I have a feeling I'm going to be doing the same.  

What have you been obsessing with lately? I am currently, among many things, looking for the perfect pillow covers for our living room.  I know I want a few pillows mix-matched and this is the hardest thing to do online.  This one below has been my favorite so far - what are your thoughts? My husband thinks it's too trendy but I beg to differ. I was thinking it would be cute mixed with some floral printed ones.

I am the queen of finding the most complicated recipes ever made.  But this recipe for spaghetti carbonara is simple and yummy!

I own several pairs of the original Jack Roger sandals that I have owned forever.  One of the colors I have had for almost 10 years is almost dying - I can't believe I have had them for that long.  I'm thinking about trying a new style like the ones below.  Any reviews?

Obviously, I don't need to lecture you on how important sunscreen is.  I wear it year round  under my moisturizer (and it is typically in my CC/BB creams or foundation base) and this Shiseido one is the best.   

Any fun weekend plans?

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