Thursday, May 14, 2015

Galbi Burger

Galbi is one of the most popular Korean dishes.  It refers to marinated beef short ribs in a soy sauce based sauce. You can enjoy this grilled or make galbijim which is a braised, more stew-like dish.  Yum.

I recently found this recipe on a Korean cooking show and decided to try it myself! This reipce comes from the owners of Seoul Sausage.  They won season 3 of The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network.  Luckily, these guys are Korean-American so when they were cooking the recipe, they spoke English, which meant I could write down the recipe much easier! Ha.

When I watched the show, I thought the burger needed more - maybe lettuce, tomato, even an egg.  I love all of my toppings on my sandwiches and burgers.  But they were right - the pickled onions are all you need on this very flavorful burger!


Hamburger buns


Olive oil


Ground beef 

Soy sauce 
Sesame oil
Green onions




(pickled onions)

Red onion

Korean red pepper flakes


to make the pickled onions:

-cut 1 red onion in rings (it helps if you don't take them apart until they are cooked)
-In a pan mix together vinegar, sugar, and Korean red pepper flakes and bring to a boil
-Transfer into a bowl and marinade the onions in the vinegar mix for about an hour

to make the sauce:

-Mix together mayo, jalapenos, garlic for the sauce in a food processor (I used my nutribullet for this).

to make the patties:

-In large bowl, mix the ground beef with soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, onion, green onions, garlic, pepper, and breadcrumbs. Form into hamburger patties.

-Heat a large pan or grill pan to medium high with olive oil

-Cook the patties for about 5 minutes
-In a separate pan, melt butter to toast the buns
-Spread the mayo sauce on the buns and top with a patty and onions


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