Monday, April 6, 2015

Leather Sofas

Okay, so call me crazy, but I have, all of a sudden, been really attracted to leather sofas.  My husband once again wins his case about leather sofas, I guess!  I think I always thought they looked cheap and didn't fit with my "style" but I have changed my mind on that (I know, shocking).  I have always loved white or ivory upholstered sofas. White everything. Recently my parents purchased a gorgeous ivory leather sofa and I was slightly jealous. Am I crazy or is this just the practial, sensible, and grown up decision that I will have to make?  Living with our 70 lb fur ball has changed my outlook on so many decor related things, I can only imagine what will happen when I have kiddos in the future.

This room pretty much has me convinced that it will work with my Chinoiserie, granny style.

I think this modern sofa works perfectly with Chinoiserie print pillows!

I also love the masculinity of a dark sofa.  It can balance out my overly feminine style.

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  1. It looks great paired with chinoiserie in these pictures! Jenn