Monday, April 13, 2015

Bridal Shower

In the past few years I've attended a lot of weddings and bachelorette parties (this is what 29 looks like on your social calendar), but I realized I haven't attended very many of this different breed of wedding gathering -- the Bridal Shower.  In case you are throwing or planning one in the near future, here's a look at an excellent shower I had the honor to attend this past weekend.  I really can't imagine anyone having a better Bridal Shower spread.

Just add champagne and frozen fruit pieces for a simple make-your-own mimosa bar

This cake was just as delicious as it looks -- I am officially a big fan of Simply Cakes in Cary. 

The Games

Bridal Shower games take a little planning -- the event itself is like the Bachelorette party moved to the middle of the day.  You want all of the guests to get to know one another so they feel comfortable and have a good time. And there are drinks being served (with fruit juice so it's ok before 5:00).  The biggest difference is that you want to make appropriate daytime games with appropriate daytime answers so that all generations of guests will feel at home.  Maybe I've been to way too many Bachelorette parties because I had to keep this actively in mind during game times.  It was mental gymnastics during 2 Truths and a Lie to keep my answers appropriate and I'm not sure what that says about me as a person.

There were a few classics, like making a bridal gown out of toilet paper.  Amazingly enough, everyone's looked very unique and not all that mummy-esque.  Maybe a future Project Runway challenge could come of this, Heidi?

A game I haven't played before was Guess The Celebrity Bride which I thought was a nice way to involve all generations again.  

And if you are throwing a Bridal Shower, don't forget the important bow-bouquet tradition.  Save this for your rehearsal or wear it on your head for a Kentucky Derby party next month.  

The lovely bride-to-be with her rehearsal bouquet

Any Bridal Shower advice for future events?  We always love to hear your creative ideas in the comments! 

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