Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Decorating with Branches

We received the vase above as a wedding gift from Pottery Barn.  They no longer have it available but I've also had my eye on this one. I currently have it on my counter top with nothing in the actual vase but lately I've been thinking about putting tall branches in it.  It is rather large so putting flowers in them looked funny to me.  I don't know how Pottery Barn styled it with flowers in the photo above to make it look pretty.  Anyway, I've been looking at a lot of decor inspiration online with natural branches and I'm kind of hooked on the look.  Especially the ones where people have extra tall branches on a huge entry table.  Obviously I don't have space for a ginormous entry table but I love how grand it looks.  What do you think?

I currently have ginger jars on my mantle, and I think adding these branches would be great to fill in the blank spaces above the jars.

The coastal vibe of this vignette is really nice.  The neutral color scheme would be great o have year round.  I love the dark wood furniture in the back too.

I just love the idea of having a round table in your entry as a focal point.  Most houses don't have room for it but I would love to be able to recreate this look one day.  Also, where the heck can I get a jar that large?

Another thing I've been obsessing over lately is topiaries like the one above.  I feel like you can decorate with those year round.

Loving this cotton look above! This would look great all year round as well and very Southern looking.  Great way to add height to your vignette.

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  1. Definitely like the added height when decorating with branches! You can get some pretty nice looking faux branches at Michaels (and with coupons often for a good percentage off). Or just go around your backyard/public area and grab a few fresh clippings. I think picking up a few magnolia branches from the giant trees on State's campus could look nice too! Jenn