Thursday, March 19, 2015

Around the House

Just a few more days until Spring so I've been doing some much needed cleaning, redecorating, and ginger jar hoarding (that's year round, let's be honest).  I've put myself to a few easy projects, and a few that are going to take me waaay longer than they probably should, seeing as how my sewing skills don't go much past buttons and an imperfect hem.  Making pillow covers sounds like a reasonable task for someone with said skills, right?  Gotta start somewhere.

All Ginger Jars were recently purchased at Home Goods.  You can get Johnson Brother's Willow Blue china on sale right now at Belk!  I just ordered the salad plates -- the entire collection is 40% and you can combo with their 10% anniversary sale coupon.

I picked up some new decorative floral pieces from Michael's to bring this vintage vase into Spring. The enamel Japanese vase was a find from Cheshire Cat Antiques in Raleigh which is never short on some great Asian-inspired items. 

So I went borderline crazy-lady at Home Goods and also got these oversize coffee mugs.  Not that I need coffee mugs but these are just going to live permanently on my cafe table when they aren't in use.  Also, Lucy's husband let me take a few sprigs of aloe vera from their plant, and it's already thriving.  This Pier 1 chair is also on sale right now if you are shopping furniture.
This is my next project; I kind of hate the pillows my couch came with.  I mean, they are a very pretty fabric in a different room, with a different couch.  But they just don't go with the style I'm feeling at the moment which is much more bohemian/relaxed/husband friendly instead of octogenarian.   I will definitely have a tendency towards over-grannying the house, so time to change the pillows in an attempt to restore my youth. I'm looking to trade these out for blue tie dyed pillow covers and I have some fabric coming my way for the project.  Hoping I can achieve something like these:

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