Friday, January 9, 2015

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Throwback Thursday on Spotify
Who else is a fan of this?  I have gotten to a point where I look forward to Thursdays because I know my Spotify will have the best list for the day.  From 80's music to early 2000's music taking you back to high school days, it has been pretty awesome lately.  This week is a great one - 90's movie soundtrack hits. 

 Yves Saint Laurent 'Rouge Volupté' Lipstick

Because my inner granny cannot have enough lipsticks in my make up pouch... :)  This YSL one has caught my eye lately.  Also this palette is on my wish list.  The perfect combination of neutrals!  I have the Naked Palette from Urban Decay but only use certain colors so this one seems perfect.
                                                          Goals for 2015
Do any of you still make new year's resolutions?  I think I probably realized a couple of years ago that there is no point for me.  You know, it's the same thing year after year.  Eat healthy, blah blah.  I do want to take better care of myself as far as my health goes, but I have realized that the best way to do this is to ENJOY life.  YOLO, people.

First of all, what is up with this weather? I know it is mid January and we should be expecting this but where in the world did it come from?  All this weather makes me want to do is stay inside, wrapped in a blanket, and enjoying hot, delicious food.  I am a huge fan of shabu shabu, so this recipe for sukiyaki is on my list to make.  Both sukiyaki and shabu shabu pretty much use the same ingredients but the methods of cooking are different.  You can read more about the differences here!

Warm weather, please.
Speaking of weather... I don't know about y'all, but once the holidays are over, I am ready for Spring.  I know this is when the cold weather really starts, but I am already so over it.  There is something "OK" about it being cold when there are holiday lights, and holiday décor everywhere but when there is none of that and it is just miserably cold? No ma'am, Pam.  I am ready for warm weather, sun dresses, sandals, patio-sitting days!
What is on your mind lately?

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