Monday, December 15, 2014

The Perfect Porch Tree

I read a great post on Two Delighted last week about investing in Christmas decor that will inspire you for years to come, instead of just blowing your bank account on excessively trendy doodads or knick knacks.  It is hard to have that kind of forethought (I mean, do you know what you will like next week, much less in a few years?) and to not be swayed by all the flashing sale emails and Target tchtochkie they place so enticingly on the end cap display.  I can't decide if I want to embrace minimalism on principle because we really don't need so much crap in storage all year, or if I really think that is the best way to decorate.  Because a part of me wants to have stuff everywhere.   Instead, I decided to focus on my porch this year because those are the pictures that always inspire me the most online:

The perfect entry way plus dog (I will take him too!) via
Essentials to recreate the look: a welcoming wreath, old world lights with big bulbs (loving these from Target), and the perfect porch pots.

After much consideration (porch pots aren't exactly cheap) I decided to splurge a bit on the Biltmore for Your Home trees from Belk (they are currently sold out, but the other trees I was considering are here and on sale!).  I liked these because they came pre-decorated and pre-lit, have a generously plush amount of foliage, and the extra "snow" creates a great warm glow when lit.

Looking for more options?  I've collected a few links to porch pots priced high and low if buying from Belk is not your thing!


  1. Love your porch decorations! It is definitely hard to not collect all the knock knacks target has. I love the christmas trees you got!

  2. Gorgeous decorations! I loved it! =)


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